Friday, March 19, 2010

Flying Visit to Valencia

Just got back from an overnight visit to Valencia, Spain, to see The Maestro, in another rather swish hotel, who's there conducting a double bill of operas at the Palau Opera House.

Spent a good day talking through the pieces we're to present at this year's Castleton Festival. The press release about the season has now been published, so I can let you in on the news....

In Valencia I read all the parts myself (!) of Jeremy Sams' excellent translation of Stravinsky's Soldier's Tale, which we're presenting at Castleton in a double bill with de Falla's Master Peter's Puppet Show.

I've cast some hugely talented actor/dancers from New York, and I'm working with a brilliant company called The Puppet Kitchen as well as the excellent Faye Driscoll, the hottest choreographer in NYC.

We're also creating a new production, in the (even bigger this year!) Castleton Festival Tent, of Puccini's 3 one-act operas which together make up his Trittico.

And revivals of my Castleton Productions of Britten's Turn of the Screw and Beggar's Opera.

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