Sunday, July 31, 2011

British Youth Opera - Marriage of Figaro

I've just started rehearsals for my new production of Marriage of Figaro with the brilliant young performers from British Youth Opera - my fourth show for this wonderful company....

Here's a link to the BYO website...

British Youth Opera Homepage


Blogger Sally Wagner said...

We brought our 12 year old grandson to this eternally wonderful piece - The Marriage of Figaro - BYO ALWAYS GETS IT RIGHT - he summed it up completely...he said, (in the modern vernacular...) "I knew it would be 'well-good' but it was AWESOME" we would like you to know that we felt JUST THE SAME - it was AWESOME - we have probably seen Marriage approx 25 times and the two VERY BEST have been last nights and its predecessor with Cora Burgraaf - neither EVER to be forgotten experiences. THANKS SO MUCH

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