Thursday, May 18, 2006

Listen Again to my 'Columns' for BBC Radio 4

If you would like to listen to my recent radio pieces for Radio 4's HOME TRUTHS - follow the links.

My first 'column' is about being the son of a retired policeman, which I am. (Dad's standing second from left - Hendon Police Driving School - 1960)

  • Policeman's Son

  • The second is about having a panic attack on a London commuter train which, recently, I did.

  • Panic Attack

  • My life was saved by a mint with a hole.
    My Saviour


    Blogger Rob! said...

    hiya Will it's rob earnshaw(letters of war)a very compelling story i have to say! i hope your meeting was ok after that! hope all is well still thinking of you........... "EVERY SINGLE DAY!"
    take care

    9:14 am  

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