Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Castleton Festival 2010

Greetings from sultry Virginia...

I'm back at Castleton, this time thankfully with wife Claire and son Thomas & am rehearsing Puccini's TRITTICO in the great new Castleton Festival Tent.

The singers are completely amazing - big stars of the future.

Nick Vaughan has created an incredible set & Rie Ono my fab lighting designer seems to have a bigger rig than ever!

The talented Jonathan Solari is reviving my productions of Beggar's Opera and The Turn of the Screw in the Theatre (Theater) House.

I then go into rehearsals for the de Falla - Master Peter's Puppet Show and Stravinsky's Soldier's Tale.

It's going to a terrific festival. Check out the Castleton Festival web pages, please.

Maestro Maazel gets here on Thursday & I'm so looking forward to working with him again.


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